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We operate in geographies that represent 70% of global trade flows


Asia will account for 60% of global GDP by 2050, led by 10 economies. We connect our clients to all 10.

On-the-ground presence and expertise are vital to understanding, accessing and navigating local markets, as well as fast changing financial, regulatory and social landscapes.

We operate in geographies that represent 75% of global trade flows, have a banking heritage spanning more than 180 years in Australia and New Zealand and an established on-the-ground presence in 15 Asian markets. This allows us to connect our clients to opportunities centered around trade and capital flows into and within Asia Pacific.

Australia and New Zealand are an intrinsic part of the Asia Pacific economy. Australia attracts capital from a broad range of investors and companies around the globe, with a considerable amount of Chinese capital finding its way to Australia. New Zealand has successfully leveraged its resource-base well beyond its traditional focus on food production and offers political stability and open financial markets.

Asia will remain the engine of the global economy and as such a region that will continue to attract clients looking for opportunities to create value by taking full advantage of falling barriers in regulation, transportation and communication costs, and infrastructure. Intra-Asia trade flows are worth $5trn/year, more than four times the size of Asia-Europe and Asia-US trade volumes. Asia will account for nearly 60% of global GDP by 2050, led by 10 economies: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

As clients look to capitalise on the movement of money and goods across Asia Pacific, they find in us a strong banking partner who can help manoeuvre the rapidly changing business and regulatory landscape, while effectively managing liquidity, risk and investments. 


Be connected to the world’s fastest growing markets

We connect clients to opportunities centered around trade and capital flows into and within Asia Pacific. We operate in geographies that represent 75% of global trade flows.


Connecting you to the Asian Century

By 2050, Asia will account for nearly 60% of global GDP, led by 10 key economies1. We connect you to all 10: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

During this period, Asia will also become home to several financial capitals, with Shanghai and Singapore as the largest financial centres in the world2. That is why we hold offices in all the major cities of Asia, including Shanghai and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone with Hong Kong and Singapore serving as ANZ’s regional hubs in Asia.


Connecting you to the Greater Mekong and beyond

With youthful, dynamic populations, expanding inbound investment and improving infrastructure, the frontier economies of the Greater Mekong Region (GMR) -- Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam -- are set to evolve over the next few years into one of the world’s fastest-growing markets. The GMR’s rising strength as a manufacturing base, strategic location at the crossroads of Asia’s largest economies, and growing prosperity make it a zone of opportunities that should play a prominent role in the investment strategies of any Asia-focused company.

Navigating this rapidly changing landscape and realising the region’s potential requires a deep understanding of the GMR’s current realities and future trajectory. As the the largest foreign bank franchise in the Greater Mekong3, ANZ does not only bring insights and expertise, but the ability to connect clients to local trade and cash, foreign exchange, fixed income and commodities markets within the Greater Mekong, between the region and the rest of Asia Pacific.

When you partner with us, you partner with a AA- rated bank that is knowledgeable about the opportunities this region holds for you.

1. ANZ Insight report “Caged Tiger: The Transformation of the Asian Financial System”, March 2014;
2. ANZ research “ASEAN The Next Horizon”, April 2015
3. NZ accounts for USD30bn of total trade flows

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