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ANZ was the first Australian bank to create a dedicated health specialisation covering Corporate and Institutional customers.

Our integrated coverage model affords us the ability to assess the health market as a whole, something that our clients tell us is a key differentiator to our competitors.

We have built our market-leading position through a consistency of appetite and approach for our target sectors. Our core competency is supporting clients that are reliant on government funding and assessing the associated regulatory risk.

We have the specialist capabilities needed to guide you through the ever-changing financial and regulatory landscape of the health market. In particular, our national team has an in-depth understanding of the complexities and realities your industry faces. Together, we can build an environment where people and communities thrive.


Health – a growth story that’s set to accelerate

Australians generally are getting richer and living longer, but we’re also facing an obesity epidemic and chronic illness is rising in the population. This results in greater “health intervention” in our lives than ever before. The health care and social assistance industry has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 5.4% over the past 5 years. This contributes almost $1 in every $10 spent in the economy, while employing one in every seven workers.

At ANZ Health, we see several factors contributing to the industry’s continued growth and change. These include: an ageing population, a trend of rising household incomes, health funding as a government policy priority and technology changing the way we do things.

Take our ageing population, for example. Our 85+ age group is set to spike, growing at 3.1% pa over the next 10 years through to 2029, and then at 4.7% pa through to 2039.

At ANZ Health, your dedicated Relationship Manager – backed by our national network of health executives – can help you take advantage of this growth opportunity.


Our national network of health specialists can help with:

  • Underwriting and syndicating large debt transactions;
  • Refinancing existing debt facilities;
  • Funding for developments or acquisitions;
  • Mergers and acquisition advisory, including capital solutions;
  • Accessing alternative debt capital markets;
  • Providing working capital solutions, including process improvement consulting services;
  • Managing cash and investment portfolios; and
  • Managing interest rate, foreign exchange and inflation risk.


Our areas of expertise

  • Aged Care
  • Retirement Living
  • Land Lease Communities
  • Private Hospital & Day Surgeries
  • Healthcare Property
  • Child Care
  • Health Services
  • Pharmaceutical


To learn more about ANZ Health, contact the following industry experts:

Sam Morris, Head of ANZ Health

E: Samuel.Morris@anz.com

M: 0411 206 490


Andrew Ralph, Director (NSW & QLD)

E: Andrew.Ralph@anz.com

M: 0412 216 027


Chris McCann, Director (NSW & WA)

E: Chris.McCann@anz.com

M: 0401 701 606


Lavanya Nadarajah, Director (VIC & SA)

E: Lavanya.Nadarajah@anz.com

M: 0466 427 510





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