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This document does not cover the completed description of the related products. Therefore before making subscription decision or holding the product, you should read the general risk disclosure section in the QDII Investment Agreement, Product Terms Catalogue and other disclosure statement of the related product. The materials in this document did not take your personal needs and financial status into account. ANZ (China) strongly recommend you to evaluate whether the product meets your personal goals, financial status and needs. ANZ (China) suggests: before subscribing the product, you should seek independent financial and tax advice.

The information and views in this document is considered to be achieved from reliable source. However, ANZ (China) and its officers, employees and agents do not give guarantee to any completeness and accuracy of the information. The information in this document may change at any time and may no longer be accurate. Please contact your Relationship Manager in ANZ (China) to verify the timeliness of the information. Unless otherwise provided by law, due to any losses or damage caused by the information in this document, ANZ (China) and its officers, employees and agents shall not undertake any responsibility (includes negligence caused responsibility).

This document is provided by Australia and New Zealand Bank (China) Company Limited through its branches. The distribution of this document may be restricted by law in other areas outside Chinese Jurisdiction. Hence, person who received this document should ask for consultation and be comply with relevant restrictions. Fail to comply with relevant restrictions may violate such laws. The document does not constitute distribution, sale or purchase securities or any financial products in any Jurisdiction.

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