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Delivering Faster, Simpler, Smarter Payments

Australia’s payment landscape is rapidly changing. With the introduction of the New Payments Platform (NPP), Australian enterprises, businesses and consumers can now send near real time and data rich payments.

Key Takeaways

  • The New Payments Platform (NPP) provides enterprises, businesses and consumers, a platform to make fast, near real time, data-rich payments to meet the evolving needs of a 24/7 digital economy.
  • The unique layering of NPP infrastructure, the separation of messaging, addressing and settlement system, will enable the ongoing evolution and development of payment services well into the future via overlay services.
  • NPP opens up opportunities for the creation of new overlay services to offer payment enrichment capability. This potentially supports the development of value-add or ‘disruptive’ services, enabling you to redefine your customer experience.
  • Changes to working capital as a result of funds received near real-time (for AUD to AUD Osko® payments) may impact how funds are managed and optimised, including outside traditional business hours.


Osko® by BPAY is the first overlay to be delivered over NPP infrastructure and will be the common name to send payments to payees on the NPP’s near real-time clearing and settlement platform. 

Osko® Payment (Service 1) has a number of unique characteristics. Funds will clear through SWIFT and settle using the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Fast Settlement Service, enabling payments to be received within 60 seconds (99% of the time). To facilitate data-rich payments, the ability to include 280 characters of reference text will enrich information that can be sent and received.

Australian consumers and businesses will also be able to register a PayID to receive funds against. This could be an easy-to-remember identifier such as a mobile phone number, email address or an ABN. PayID reduces reliance on BSBs and account numbers to make payments between Australian financial institutions.

Future overlay services under discussion include: Payment with document (Service 2) and Requests (Service 3).




NPP will have different application across industry segments. Here are some potential use cases of how NPP can change the way business is done.

Other potential Industry examples include:

  • Government agencies will have the ability to make urgent welfare payment(s) (could extend to ATO tax refund).
  • Retailers can process customer refunds requests to a PayID instead of a cash refund, reducing reliance of on-site cash.
  • Utility and Telecommunication companies can process a customer request for refund of overpayment or incorrect charges within the same phone call.
  • Auction Houses can pay vendors for goods sold on their behalf and customers can pay for goods purchased at auction.


ANZ is building a strong NPP market proposition. We have a dedicated team of payments professionals with  experience implementing similar “fast payments” programs in the UK and Singapore.

We have successfully secured nine Tier 2 competitive Agency bank mandates (e.g. other banks, building societies, credit unions) and have been awarded the Global Finance 2018 Innovators Award for Real Time Payments.#

We offer an NPP proposition for our Retail, Corporate & Institutional customers and we’re investing in differentiated NPP Services into the future.    


# Global Finance – The Innovators Awards 2018-Real Time Payments New Payments Platform Agency Banking – Most Customers adopted Agency Banking Offering - Australia  


(For Australian based customers of ANZ Transactive and/or ANZ Fileactive digital channels)

It is likely that you have or will in the future receive Osko® payments or made Osko® payments. As a result, you may see Osko® transactions appear in your account statement. If you are an Australian based customer of ANZ Transactive and/or ANZ Fileactive, it is important to understand how to identify these payments to assess any implications to your reconciliation processes. Download the “Getting NPP Ready” document for further details.


Terms & Conditions
NPP/Osko Fee Schedule

 Getting NPP Ready - Inward Payments


1. Osko® is delivered by BPAY® Australia.

2. BPAY® and Osko® are trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

3. ANZ Online Resources has the following user guides/file formats for NPP/Osko

  • Osko Payments Quick Reference Guide: outlines how to manually create an Osko payment to a BSB/Account Number or PayID

  • File Formats (with ANZ Transactive - Global payments): includes information on ABA Osko file format

  • Payments User Guide: includes details on how to use the new payments module in Transactive - Global

Published November 2018



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