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Unmanaged interest rate and credit risk exposure can be disruptive for your business. With certainty around your cost of funds you can better manage and accurately forecast interest costs, as well as avoid unforseen costs and missing out on advantageous movements in interest rates.

Whether you want a basic fixed interest rate solution, or a more complex structure to mitigate your interest rate risk, we take a holistic approach to managing your exposure. In doing so, we draw upon our unique combination of domestic and regional macro-economic insight, and proven risk management strategies, to build the best solution aligned to your existing funding solutions.

You benefit from:

  • Our dominant position in AUD/NZD markets and our global distribution capability.
  • Our status as a primary bond dealer in many markets, including Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.
  • Our broad range of interest rate products.
  • Better pricing through our consolidated 24-hour G4 Rates desk in Singapore and Y3 Rates desk in Tokyo
  • Direct access to senior traders during Asia Pacific time zones.
  • Our focus on delivering best practice and a great customer experience.
We use a range of products to help you manage your interest rate risk:
  • iIRS.
  • CCIRS.
  • G4 swaps, swaptions, caps and floors.
  • Asian credit trading and money market products.
  • Debt portfolio optimisation options.
  • Rates hedging solutions.
  • Repo, including cross currency and structured repo.


“creating certainty around your cost of funds”

Supporting your Asia Pacific and G4 interest rate needs


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