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ANZ recognises the inherent risks of maintaining the balance of your supply and demand in increasingly fluid markets.

To help you mitigate the risk associated with trading in this environment, and to provide you with a more Asian-centric customer experience, we've taken a number of measures:

  • Connected key commodity market players across the region by aligning our specialisations to trade flows across global trade corridors.
  • Set up a world-class precious metals infrastructure, including a physical gold vault, in Singapore.
  • Become both supplier and custodian of the underlying physical gold in Singapore.
  • Become one of two foreign bank market makers licensed on the Shanghai Futures Exchange.
  • Become involved in the Shanghai Gold Exchange International Board to reflect our commitment to the Chinese precious metals market and provide faster delivery and ease of operations if you’re based in China.

We use a range of products to help you reduce your commodities risk:

  • Inventory finance.
  • Flow hedging.
  • Structured/bundled finance and risk.
  • Fraud mitigation.

Connecting producers and consumers around Asia Pacific commodity flows


"maintaining the right balance between supply and demand in volatile markets"

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