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Whether you are considering doing business in and out of China or have been present in the country for a significant amount of time, the pace of China’s efforts of liberalise its currency, the renminbi (RMB), cannot be ignored.  The rate of change continues to accelerate which is opening up new opportunities across trade, cross-border financing, foreign exchange and investment.

For the first time in more than a decade, the RMB is showing two-way volatility as a result of ongoing changes being made by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) to the daily price setting process for the RMB. As the RMB moves towards a more “market-driven” exchange rate, risk management and FX hedging are becoming increasingly important considerations to manage the volatility arising from market forces. As time passes, the RMB may also increasingly become a preferred currency for local Chinese corporates to better manage their currency risk which will be an important consideration for China’s foreign trading partners. With one of the largest capital markets in the world, opportunities also abound for investors to secure access to Chinese bonds and equities as China rapidly removes many restrictions around inbound investing.



The RMB experienced an unprecedented rise in usage among businesses between 2012 and 2015, yet 2016 saw interest in the RMB fall signicantly. Have businesses lost condence in the RMB? ANZ surveyed more than 500 nancial professionals to find out.

Sources: The ANZ RMB Confidence Tracker


While confidence in the long-term future of the RMB is high, a significant knowledge gap among businesses remains. With banks providing just 20% of the market’s information needs, there is room to grow this service.


Latest RMB Insights & Research


Asian Asset Management: Fund Passporting — A Slow Burn

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The Renminbi in motion: Shifting into high gear

Reform and internationalisation continues at a staggering pace. Read this RMB handbook for practical guidance for all your RMB needs from an overview of the internationalisation journey to managing risk and cross-border liquidity management.

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Key Solutions

RMB Investment Solutions

As the RMB grows in importance globally, it is rapidly developing into an investment currency, with many companies and institutions holding RMB reserves or investments.  Growing trade volumes in RMB are providing further pockets of RMB liquidity in global hubs which can be deployed to RMB assets. This internationalisation of the currency is also providing corporates with an ability to diversify their cash and currency positions by providing a credible and liquid alternative.

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RMB Trade & Supply Chain Solutions

Invoicing and settling trade transactions in RMB provides many benefits for both importers and exporters with trade ties to China. The benefits range from added convenience, cost and pricing advantages (settlement, FX finance, deposits and working capital), to relationship benefits for both parties.

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RMB Risk Management Solutions

The RMB market, both onshore and offshore, has significantly increased in breadth and depth, offering a variety of risk management solutions available to hedge your exposures.

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RMB Financing Solutions

Access RMB funding, whether onshore or offshore, to better match and control funding requirements, receipts and payments financing as well as improve balance sheet and capital management. As more RMB is circulated offshore, the opportunities for financial institutions to tap a broader investor market with a debt offering in a popular currency will grow accordingly.

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RMB Cash & Liquidity Management Solutions

The internationalisation of the RMB has allowed companies to better optimise their cash and liquidity.

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Shanghai Free Trade Zone Solutions

Access opportunities offered by the Shanghai Free Trade Zone with ANZ’s capabilities in the region.

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Transactional Banking

Lucy Chen
Head of Transactional Banking, China


Capital Markets

Jimmy Choi
Head of Asia Debt Capital Markets



Daniel Everett
Head of RMB, Strategy and Execution


Client insights & solutions

Jason Qi
Director, Client Insights & Solutions


Chinese Markets

Dennis Wong
Head of Markets, China


RMB Trading

Patrick Wu
Head of RMB Trading


Chinese Economy

Raymond Yeung
Chief Economist, Greater China

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