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RMB Cash & Liquidity Management Solutions

The internationalisation of the RMB has allowed companies to better optimise their cash and liquidity.

ANZ cash and liquidity management solutions are an integral part of any business. Our insights and solutions in RMB help businesses efficiently manage cash flow, positively affecting working capital and profitability. By delivering the right mix of end-to-end solutions, ANZ can help to uncover the full potential hidden within cross-border RMB and foreign currency liquidity pools and assist corporates to realise this value. ANZ’s web-based cash management platforms facilitate seamless payments and collections while providing ready access to financial information – delivering enhanced visibility and control.

Harnessing the ease and precision of electronic delivery, ANZ Transactive Asia (our web-based electronic banking platform) can help customers facilitate onshore and offshore RMB and foreign currency settlements and access real time reporting anywhere, anytime. ANZ China is a member of the China National Advanced Payments System (CNAPS) allowing direct clearance of RMB transactions onshore in China and reducing remittance delay. ANZ China is also one of only a few foreign banks granted membership of the Cross-border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) which facilitates cross-border RMB remittances without the need to use designated offshore RMB clearing banks.

ANZ offers customised RMB cash and liquidity management solutions to:

  • Generate cash e.g. receivable and payable financing
  • Increase cash management efficiency: payments, collections, intercompany loan administration
    • Cash, cheque, electronic payments and collections
    • Cross-border electronic payments and collections
  • Utilise group liquidity effectively e.g. domestic and cross-border RMB and foreign currency pooling and netting
  • Manage related risks:
    • Liquidity: online account visibility, centralised entitlements, multi-bank sweeps


“Cash and liquidity management solutions are an integral part of any business”

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