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The ability of borrowers, whether onshore or offshore, to access RMB funding provides a mechanism to better match and control funding requirements, receipts and payments financing as well as improve balance sheet and capital management.  Accessing financing through the offshore “Dim Sum” bond market or perhaps the onshore “Panda bond” market provides foreign issuers with different sources of financing while also building profile with global investors through an “in demand” RMB denominated investment product.

Offshore, ANZ offers the full suite of RMB denominated facilities and products. Onshore, ANZ is a licenced bank able to specifically structure bespoke RMB facilities for our Mainland China domiciled customers, whether this is for trade finance or more traditional lending. 

ANZ has committed resources to deliver debt capital markets, lending and syndicated loan structures to corporates and financial institutions. As one of the few foreign banks with an onshore gold import license, ANZ China is also able to assist onshore financial institutions with their gold needs, including through gold financing structures which continue to prove popular as China’s appetite for gold continues to grow strongly.

In both markets, onshore and offshore, ANZ offers:

  • Term lending
  • Fully drawn advances
  • Overdrafts
  • Syndicated loans
  • Project and structured finance (debt, advisory and arranging)
  • Structured export finance
  • Structured asset finance (including finance for non-trade receivables)
  • Debt structuring and asset finance

In addition, ANZ can provide two-way cash pooling solutions and assist with intercompany lending structures to help corporates better manage their onshore and offshore financing requirements on either a short term or longer term basis.

ANZ has a sub-branch in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone so can provide valuable on the ground insight and assistance for corporates looking to establish a presence in the “Zone” to take advantage of some of the more liberal cross-border financing and cash pooling regulations.


“ANZ can provide two-way cash pooling solutions and assist with intercompany lending structures”

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