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Invoicing and settling trade transactions in RMB provides many benefits for both importers and exporters with trade ties to China. In short, the benefits range from added convenience, cost and pricing advantages (settlement, FX finance, deposits and working capital), as well as relationship benefits for both parties.

RMB internationalisation is an integral part of China’s financial reform strategy. ANZ Research predicts that the RMB will become one of the world’s three major currencies, alongside the USD and EUR. Trade settlement in RMB is an integral part of China’s plans to internationalise the RMB and the chart below shows the growth rate in RMB trade settlement up to May 2017.

Growth rate in RMB trade settlement

Source: PBoC, Bloomberg, ANZ

As a locally incorporated and licensed bank in China, ANZ can provide banking solutions to help facilitate onshore RMB trade settlement for locally incorporated entities. In addition, ANZ has a broad global footprint allowing customers to open offshore RMB bank accounts for their non-Mainland operations.

ANZ provides access to borderless and seamless global connectivity through a single banking partner, delivered with a local touch. ANZ also has a dedicated team specialised in insights and knowledge of our RMB Trade and Supply Chain offerings. This assures customers of our expertise in assisting with their RMB transactions.

ANZ currently has full capability in many markets to provide RMB denominated Trade and Supply Chain services including:

  • Import and Export Documentary Collections
  • Import Documentary Credit
  • Trade Finance Loans
  • Export Documentary Credit – advising, confirming, honouring, negotiating and financing.
  • Financing Export Collections, including Bills Negotiated Not Under Credit, Pre-export and Post-shipment trade transactions
  • Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit
  • Supply Chain Products
  • Structured Trade Products


“Invoicing and settling trade transactions in RMB provides many benefits”

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