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Leverage trade & supply chain capabilities

ANZ Trade and Supply Chain Finance solutions help you manage cross border and local trade finance requirements across major trade corridors.

  • Facilitate growth in foreign markets for your business.
  • Provide cost-effective methods of funding your cash flows and working capital.
  • Provide cost-effective liquidity for open account trade flows between buyers and suppliers.
  • Take advantage of technology to manage your trade finance transactions.
  • Optimise balance sheet management and risk mitigation.

With specialist teams on the ground in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific, as well as offices in all the major cities of Asia (including Shanghai, the Shanghai Free Trade zone and those of the Greater Mekong), you can expect a consistent experience across all new and emerging markets.


“connecting you to opportunities”

Through experience and insight we’re able to identify opportunities to help you improve your working capital by releasing cash to meet your business requirements. If you want to expand operations, repay debt or increase shareholder dividends, our solutions can help you achieve your objectives and overcome core business challenges. We deliver the right mix of end-to-end working capital solutions to help you unlock the value within your Supply Chain as follows:

Supply Chain Finance             

Provides cost effective liquidity for open account trade flows between buyers and suppliers. The key to Supply Chain Finance is that the supplier is able to access funding which leverages the buyer’s credit rating. Supply Chain Finance is run through a web-based platform linking the buyer/supplier and provides for Days Sale Outstanding and Days Payable Outstanding to be improved and for customers to unlock working capital, reduce costs and manage risks. This can be managed through a Supplier-led (receivable centric) product and Buyer-led (payables centric) product, depending on client needs.

Trade Finance 

A trade finance loan is an advance denominated in either domestic currency or the foreign currency of the payment obligation, enabling exporters/importers to finance trade commitments on a transactional basis.

Bank Payment Obligation

BPO is a legally binding and irrevocable undertaking given by one bank to another bank that payment will be made on a specified date based on successful matching of data.

This data is matched electronically by the system (application known as Trade Service Utility - TSU) based on the inputs from all the parties involved.


This method requires a payment to be made to the exporter before goods are shipped. The risk is with the importer under this type of open account transaction.

Documentary Collections

Documents relating to an export of goods are forwarded through the banking system to the overseas buyer in exchange for payment. Two types are documentary payment, on sight of the documents, or documentary acceptance at an agreed time in the future.

Bank Guarantees

A bank guarantee is an agreement by ANZ to pay a specified amount to a specified third party on behalf of a customer.

Performance Bonds

Most capital works projects put out to tender require the successful tenderer to lodge a performance bond after being awarded the contract. The performance bond is an indication that the applicant company has the necessary skills and capabilities to carry out the required work and comply with the agreed terms and conditions of the contract.

Bid Bonds

It is common business practice when tendering for large capital projects for the tenderer to be supported by a Bid Bond. The Bid Bond is an indication of the applicant company's ability to carry out the work being tendered for.

Bills Negotiated Not Under Credit (BNNUC)

A financing product, whereby an export customer may request ANZ to finance/discount a bill and dispatch export documents to a correspondent bank in the buyer’s country for collection and return of proceeds to the terms of the customer’s and ANZ’s instructions. Documents will be released to the buyer against payment or acceptance of the bill.

Documentary Letters of Credit

A formal undertaking, issued by the bank, to honour drawings provided certain requirements are met. Typically used by buyers and sellers that have yet to establish a strong relationship.

Standby Letters of Credit

Payment guarantees, by the bank, to a beneficiary. Usually requested by a seller or a service provider as a back-up for another transaction.



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