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ANZ Payables Management is our fully scalable end-to-end solution that lets you simplify, streamline and automate your payments processes.

With it you're able to better manage your risk and liquidity position, improve your cash management and become more efficient, because we put you in control of how you set up, process and report on domestic and international payments. 

  • Streamline your payment initiation.
  • Standardise payments.
  • Work with existing and preferred file formats.
  • Access ‘straight through processing’ technologies.
  • Move away from manual handling.
  • Access real-time reporting and information.
Plus you’re able to scale with our solutions, so your business is supported now and in the future.


"Simplifying & streamlining payments"


We offer a range of solutions to help you manage your payables, including:

ANZ Payment Solutions

ANZ Payment Solutions are designed to enhance your cash flow and streamline your business administration. They enable you to group payment information such as direct credits, cheques and remittance instructions together in an ISO20022 International Standards Organisation industry message standard, reducing time and costs associated with payment processing.

Download the ANZ Payments Solutions brochure

ANZ SWIFT Services

ANZ uses SWIFT, a global communication network, to provide secure international exchange of payment instructions between ANZ and other banking providers. ANZ SWIFT Services provides you with a single interface to handle both your payment transactions and reporting needs.

Download the ANZ SWIFT Services brochure

International Bulk Payment Services

These bulk payment services introduce processing efficiencies, cost savings and scalability into cross border payments. Designed to simplify, centralise and automate your business’s cross border payment needs, they include payment initiation, foreign exchange, automated funding and full payment reconciliation.

Download the ANZ International Bulk Payment Services brochure

ANZ Commercial Cards

Commercial cards provide a convenient and cost-effective way to manage low value procurements and travel expenses across your business. Often they provide you with the vehicle for implementing governance and control policies, increasing transparency and doing away with the need to manually process payments using EFT and cash reimbursements.

Austraclear Managed Settlement

This service is ideal if your business or counterparties need Austraclear Settlement to receive or send payment. It provides you with a secure and controlled method of settling funds along with the added benefit of knowing ANZ is managing the execution of your high value cash transfers – leaving you to get on with the business of running your business.

Payment Innovation: New Zealand leading the way

New Zealand is well placed to ride the wave of payment innovation and is the leader in many respects, because of its relatively small population, combined with its strong adoption of the latest payment technologies. The wave of innovation will have significant consequences for businesses, including real-time settlement of payments and a need for sophisticated accounting systems.

Download the New Zealand ANZ Institutional Payments brochure



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