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Partnering your way to tech success

Technology is where executives tell us they get the most value out of partnerships. At ANZ, that’s something we see every day.
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The perfect time for tech in insurance

An industry cherry ripe for disruption, the insurance industry is facing a major shakeup as a result of new technologies.
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How tech is transforming infrastructure

From smart grids and smart lighting, urban mobility and transport infrastructure, technology is changing how we build.
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Leading on green, with technology

Technology has helped business carve a leading role in global sustainability – and execs expect future development will see that continue.
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Tailored with technology: sustainability

Our new report shows successful companies know the importance of combining technology and sustainability.
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How fintech is fuelling growth

Fintech is helping equip businesses with the tools and services needed to grow and expand internationally.
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INTERACTIVE: how ready are you for the age of technology?

How ready are you for the future of technology at your business? Take our interactive survey to find out.
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Tailored with technology: corporate growth

Our new report shows technology is a key enabler for businesses to grow internationally.
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The secret ingredient to growth is technology

New report from the EIU & ANZ shows businesses across APAC are bracing for a technology led future.
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How to make the most of the data revolution

Nobody said data would be easy. Here’s how your business can best navigate the new digital frontier.
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A new way for business to learn

Machine-learning algorithms are helping businesses solve big problems and driving productivity returns.
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The secrets your data can teach your business

Treasurers have an opportunity to help businesses by complimenting their intuition with data.
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The Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by ANZ Institutional, surveyed over 750 executives across the technology, resources, energy and infrastructure, food, beverages and agriculture and financial services industries in eight key markets: Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States and India.

The survey, conducted in the spring and summer of 2019, was designed to capture insight into the role of technology in corporate growth, sustainability and the macro-economy.

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