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ANZ 2018 outlook for Energy & Resources Sector


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Graham Turley, Managing Director, Institutional Australia and Aaron Ross, Global Head of REI, share their insights on industry trends and what we can expect in the Energy and Resources Sector in 2018.


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Resources, Energy & Infrastructure

Fulfil your business's needs in the Resources, Energy and Infrastructure industries in Asia Pacific. Connect to major trade and investment flows in the region and receive advisory at a strategic level from industry specialists.

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Digging Deep: Mining the Next Big Data Frontier

The future of the natural resources industry is increasingly looking like science fiction: very soon resources firms big and small will be able to quickly locate value deep in the earth thanks to lightning-fast, algorithm-based analysis of electromagnetic data

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case study

Commodities Risk Management: Commodities Trading, Debt Reduction and Bespoke Solutions

Supporting producers through the commodity cycle.

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ANZ joins Qantas Future Planet Program

ANZ has joined the Qantas Future Planet Partnership, a market leading program which partners with businesses to reduce their environmental impact and increase investment in projects such as the protection of wildlife habitats and rainforest preservation.

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