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CASE STUDY: Financing Business Interests

Making A Capital Market Debut


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“ANZ’s involvement throughout the process ensured our capital markets debut was a success.”

finance business interests

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Our senior unsecured capital markets debut was a great success, attracting participation from a broad range of high quality accounts both here in Australia and overseas.

Despite recent volatility, support for our strong credit rating led to a drastically oversubscribed order book. We were able to upsize the deal from AUD100m to AUD200m and close the transaction intraday.

Our success was due to the roadshow we ran with ANZ through Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne. We were able to secure a high degree of investor engagement in the issuance. This was reflected in the final investor book which drew one of the highest Asian allocations we have seen in recent times.


About Australian National University

ANU is a world-leading university in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. Their unique history includes ties to the Australian Government and puts them in special standing as a resource for the Australian people. Their focus is on research as an asset, and their approach to education ensures their graduates are in demand the world-over.



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