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ANZ Research Quarterly

2018 Outlook


  • Australia
  • Economy


ANZ Research looks ahead to 2018 with the expectation that the recent global lift in growth will be tested. We approach the new year watching the broadening of monetary tightening, the implications for consumption in this low wage growth era, the prospect of a more enduring commodity bull market, the currency market’s move away from its USD focus, and simmering political instability.

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India Rises On Its Own Terms

India is leveraging demographics and policy to grow in a world very different from when China began to rise: the eve of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Demographic Time Bomb? Time to Question Conventional Wisdom

Ageing populations combined with rising automation have conventionally been omens of economic slowdown. Here are 5 reasons not to panic.

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Why Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) Will Need To Fuel Asia’s Growth

Non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) are well-placed to fill the Asia funding gap.

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